Yes, you are at the right place. Our task is to find the most efficient and creative solution for your legal issue in addressing European Court of Human Rights, the EU Court of Justice, United Nations Human Rights Committee, and European Ombudsman.

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You want to lodge an application with the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)


Before addressing the European Court of Human Rights you must exhaust all domestic remedies. Sometimes you have the right to go to Strasbourg without wasting your time in internal courts, but first consult us. Do not take this kind of risk without a professional advice. The deadline for filing your application expires 6 months after the last internal decision. However our advice is to lodge the application within the first month. Feel free to contact us now.





You want to lodge a communication with the United Nations Human Rights Committee (Geneva)


If you (a) have lost your case before the European Court of Human Rights, (b) have missed the 6 months deadline for applying to Strasbourg, or (c) are from a country that is not a member of the Council of Europe, but is a party to the Optional Protocol to the International Civil and Political Rights Covenant (for instance, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal), you may continue litigation before the United Nations. The deadline is 5 years after the last internal judicial decision or 3 years after loosing before the Strasbourg Court. Feel free to contact us.





You want to stop your extradition


The risk with extradition decisions is that often they are taken fast and executed immediately. Therefore, try not to waste time. In most cases, the danger of extradition requires taking a number of steps in at least two countries, as well as at the international level. Our law firm works with extradition of prisoners to countries where there is a high risk of inhuman treatment, and with extradition of refugees. Feel free to contact us.





You want to get money for being kept in inhuman conditions in prison


Most of Eastern European and French prisons are factories of torture. If you have spent in inhuman conditions even a single day, contact us. This legal project is targeted for prisoners with no money to cover the costs of lawyers. Quite often people are kept in inhuman conditions even in the courtroom.







You were working but earning less than 60 % of average net salary


Article 4(1) of the European Social Charter provides that the minimum net salary shall be 60 % of the average net salary. If you are from Lithuania or Azerbaydjan, most probably you are the victim of the breach, bacause in those countries minimum salaries are only from 30 to 40 %. You are welcome to join our project for getting your money back.


If you are a trade union, there might be much more breaches of the European Social Charter in your country, and our exchanges might be very fruitful. Please send us email to mano60proc@gmail.com



You want to lodge a complaint with the European Ombudsman (Strasbourg)


If you do not have sufficient funds to attack an EU institution before the EU General Court of the EU Court of Civil Service, or if you have missed the deadline, you still may attack them with a complaint lodged with the European Ombudsman.







You litigate before the EU Court of Justice (Luxembourg)


If you need help in a litigation before the EU Court of Justice, you are welcome in this law firm.








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